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PREMED STUDIES is an enterprise offering pre-medical
program that prepares students to take the entrance
exams for the Universities in Central Europe.

About US

Official representatives of several International European Universities

We act as an intermediary for those schools and our students.

All curricula in our partner universities are taught in English which offer students from all over the world a more affordable and accessible medical degree compared to other medical schools. Also majority of European medical universities accept students after high school so you don’t need a bachelor degree as in the contending US Medical Schools. Whether you are seeking a career in medicine, dentistry, or veterinarian studies, our course will help you to achieve your goals.

our promise

Results. Guaranteed.

We would like to stress, that diplomas from all our partner universities are recognized by Germany, Norway, Switzerland and other prominent countries with strong medical schools meaning that after graduating from our partner universities, students can continue their residency studies in medical universities or hospitals in beforementioned countries.

Quality Courses

Our students will be ready for the entrance exams and interviews. However, if after completing the course student does not feel confident with his knowledge, he or she can repeat the course free of charge.

University of Choice

Our students will be accepted in at least one of three medical schools or universities they will apply. If that is not a fact they will be entitled to repeat the course free of charge and retake the entrance exam.

Admission Results

If our students are unsatisfied with the university they are accepted to, then students have the option to repeat the course and retake the entrance exams, free of charge.

Case Study

Our Partners and Associates

Universities we have partnerships with. Solid understanding of their admission requirements allow us to design perfect courses and therefore - guarantee succesfull admission.

Our Faculty:
prof. Vaiva Hendrixson MD PhD
Vice dean for studies Vilnius University Faculty of medicine
Assoc prof. Rimantas Vaitkus PhD
Faculty of chemistry and geosciences - department of organic chemistry
Assoc prof. Vidita Urbonienė PhD
Faculty of Physics - department of General Physics and Sprectroscopy, Vilnius University
Assoc prof. Andrej Suchomlinov PhD
Faculty of Medicine - department of Anatomy, Histology and Anthropology, Vilnius University

Vilnius University


Lithuanian university of health sciences


University of Latvia



Our courses are designed to maximize student comprehension and establish a solid foundation of understanding in tested subjects. Our courses focus specifically on the topics that will appear in most Central European medical Universities entrance exams. Our professors are committed to ensuring each student is fully prepared for the entrance exams, while our dedicated administrative staff will assist students with the application process or other technical details.

We strive to provide our students with a solid foundation in medical knowledge and science that will facilitate their success on their entrance exams and enable them to study at the University of their choice.


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Why us?

After graduating from our premed course, you will be qualified to be able to 100 % pass entry exams in written or oral at our partner universities, as well as other major Central/Eastern European universities.

After your admission to the course you will be provided with access to all PPT that will be used in the course, as well as practice books and other material.

During the course you will be using and practicing in laboratories dedicated for each field.

After successful graduation from out premed course we will assist you on filing document if you choose and get accepted in our partner universities, or will consult if you have chosen our associated partner or other universities.


What people say

Despite the knowledge, the status, and the service to mankind…my favorite part of my medical career is the involvement with people’s lives. It is an involvement that is earned. The depth is contingent upon the effort exerted. Recognition of your position in a process that helps the patient happens when it's ready to happen.


Future veterinarian

Chemistry and Medicine are extremely interrelated! Life itself is a conglomeration of biochemistry and physics— where physics governs the movement of molecules and biochemistry oversees the chemical processes of utmost importance inside human body.


Aspiring physician

Biology provides us with knowledge of how our body works and what we can do to help it run efficiently. Without it, scientists and doctors would be hard-pressed to help people fight off and treat disease.


Phd studen

Anyone with at least B1 English skills and a valid secondary education diploma is free to apply!

Pricing plan


EU/EU associated countries only.


  • Registration fee
  • Tuition fee
  • Textbooks and other learning material


EU/EU associated countries only.


  • BASIC package
  • PLUS: info package (personal mentor on all study and well-being related issues)
  • PLUS: Fast accomodation


Rest of the world.

from €6000

  • STANDARD package
  • PLUS: Fast EU visa and imigration guidance & consulting